1. I Like Meat

From the recording Playing With Fire

Words/Music written by CJ Niehoff
CJ Niehoff - Guitars/Vocals/Drums/Bass/Programming
Additional Vocals - Calen Niehoff
Additional Vocals - Jade Niehoff
Recorded at Jamfoot Studios, Dallas, Tx.
Remastered at Jamfoot Studios, Austin, Tx.


I like meat, and the way it make me feel
I like meat, its a sensual appeal
I like meat, it's not a complicated thing
gimme twenty pounds a beef gimme all that you can bring

I like meat, cause you can rip and you can tear
I like meat, Mister PETA be aware
I like meat, I can hunt and I can kill
Then I'll rip it off the bone and it will give me quite a thrill

Welcome to the United States of beef

I like meat, like a dog like a bone
I like meat, I can buy it on the phone
I like meat, I could eat the cow whole
Just keep your hands and feet away I'm knawing on the bone

I like meat, in a superficial way
I like meat, I could eat it all the day
I like meat, I can lick it off the plate
I might eat all your recipe but never call me late

We can't let a few veggies spoil a good time

A T-Bone Steak, a hamburger, a half a rack of lamb and then I follow with a chili dog, a sandwich made of ham, I want a BarBQ, a turkey leg, a stroganoff Tar Tar, I want it rare as you can make it want to smell it from afar, I want to stuff it in my mouth I want to feel it in my throat, I want to have a leaky enema and make a little boat, I want to stab it with my fork, I want to have it in my teeth, forget about the vegetables I want some more meat

I like meat, I'll get a job watching it
I like meat, and get paid to handle it
I like meat, then I'll take a little home
and I'll grind it up and eat it with a spoon and a bowl

I like meat, let me grind it through the hole
I like meat, I'll eat it raw on a roll
I like meat, It can make a vegan gag
I can even let it out with a colostomy bag

It's 10 o'clock, do you know where your meat is?