From the recording Playing With Fire

Words written by CJ Niehoff
Music Written by Bob Romans
CJ Niehoff - Lead Guitar/Lead Vocals
Bob Romans - Chapman Stick
Giovanni Locatelli - Guitars
Michael Musal - Drums
Additional Vocals - Bob Romans, Giovanni Locotelli, Michael Musal
Recorded at LocoRomeo Studios and Deaf Mule Studios, Dallas, Tx.
Remastered at Jamfoot Studios, Austin, Tx


Running through this life at a monumental pace, I try a pocket full of attitude
A stone cold face, can you hear the people say when they talk around your head that you gotta dig a hole and then you fill it till you’re dead
I’m just a trying to make my way in a world that doesn’t stop it never gives a lick of inching, never gains without a flop
And one can never be to careful with the path you want to go cause you could wind up on a mountain you could wind up in a hole
Don’t trust the musk dust of the bust lust in the rat race

Try to see clear, have no fear, precious dear
Can you hear, me.

Once upon a time I was terribly amused at the lack of inspiration that would fill up in the pews well they would run around on Friday and on Saturday they shamed so on Sunday they could go and try to take away the pain of a guilt that wouldn’t end just a humanistic urge that can only be shut down if they binged and they purged they just take away humanity replace a shell that’s in the way a never ending way to pass the blame a pity in this day
God’s will still you shrill when you’re ill in the rat race

You don’t have to see immediately, set your mind free

Can you hear
Can you feel, The Idea

The end of our days, the price we must pay, the idea is to say
I can hear, I can see, I can feel

The Idea was to make us, a compatible breed, a garden of Eden, with no tales of our greed
We fail from our weakness, our superior thought
We ended up loving, all the wars that we fought
But we make better bombs now to blow up the wrong
And all voices of reason, won’t be here for too long

Make no mistake, it’s not too late to save your own fate
Can’t you hear, can’t you feel, The Idea