From the recording Tales From Hill Country

Back Porch Swing
For thousands of years, all over the world, crazy stuff happens on the back porch swing. Here are but a few tiny morsels of thought about that.
Music/Lyrics written by CJ Niehoff
CJ Niehoff- Guitars/Vocals
Bryan Cruz - Bass
GJ McGillicudy - Drums
Engineers - CJ Niehoff, Calen Niehoff
Mastering - Calen Niehoff, CJ Niehoff
Recorded at Jamfoot Studios
Copyright 2020


Vaya con dios, was the first thing she said when she left my bed last night
Please honey don’t go, well the things that I said you turned into a hurricane

We drank champagne and we rocked all night and the chains they disagreed
We went to and fro, we reaped and we sowed our teenage symphony
On the Back Porch Swing, On the Back Porch Swing

Hail hail that lighthouse
When it shine all the night and shows the sailors home
Please watch the rocks man
Well your boat is afloat but it turned into a wishing well
And I wish you all well
Well the ladies they wait for their sailor’s fate and a sad song they do sing
When the full moon rise and the tears do shine on what the sea didn’t bring
On the Back Porch Swing

The full moon rise and the owl she cries and the crickets sing a hymn
I’m gonna feed my soul till the sun it rolls on the back of a piney limb
On the Back Porch Swing
On the Back Porch Swing