From the recording Tales From Hill Country

Let It Rain
My father died of cancer when i was 20. This is a musical snapshot of what i saw while that happened. I carried the experience for awhile in my gut until i put it to music. One of the beauties of creating music is the consoling and cathartic nature of putting the emotions to task through a melody.
Music/Lyrics written by CJ Niehoff
CJ Niehoff- Guitars/Vocals
CJ Niehoff - Drums
CJ Niehoff - Bass
Engineer - CJ Niehoff
Mastering - CJ Niehoff
Recorded at Jamfoot Studios
Copyright 2020


Let It Rain
How am I?
Peculiar question from a man who’s headed south
And on and on and on went the running of his mouth
As if I knew the answers in us all. And do I think it’ll rain
And will it cause us pain, will it bring me pain

Nurse bring him wine
all your testing and the needles made him dry
A nice Bordeaux to go with dying slow and thoughts upon his mind
Just make your rounds, please just let him be. He’ll ring you when he’s in need
Just let him be, please let us be

Stop wasting time, get with the program you are almost on your own
A sharp dressed continence will always conquer, now win me back the crown
Looking for the soldier that’s in me, and will it come to be
Is it inside me, will you come to me

And now it’s time. Is every memory coming to you in a flood
And can you feel the pressure, as they measure the pumping of your blood
And did you ever wonder what you’d see
And yes I think it’ll rain, and it’ll ease your pain
Just let it rain